28 December 2016

Red Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus

This is a single red color hibiscus flower which I captured in my home garden,but there are some color available such as White,Rose and Butter color.
Normally it blooms early in the morning and its lost life at the evening.

Useful of Hibiscus flower

  • Make a fresh environment and good for mind controller. 
  • For worship 
  • Develop the healthy hair (if apply hibiscus flower oil)
  • leaf for hair conditioner 

01 October 2016

Pink Lantana Camara

 Pink Lantana camara
Pink Lantana camara
 Lantana camara

10 September 2016

Orchid Flower bud

orchid Flower bud
orchid Flower bud

Eatable tasty Crab

eatable crab
Eat crab
This is an expensive crab because it's taste .Normally fisher man catch this tasty crab in the lagoon which connect with sea .the weight of this crab is nearly 800 grams ,its enough for four person .

26 August 2016

white mushroom

white mushroom
white mushroom
one day I visited my aunt home. she said me that we want collect some mushroom in the farm land  then we went our farm and collect some white mushrooms for dinner.